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Colorized 1946 photo - my dad.

Larry Krzeminski   

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Sunrise NSB


not done!  
These are all the same photo.


One of today's favorites.

Sit on beach
Such beauty in what might seem ordinary.



...And below - the impossible... 

I may later replace the sunrise and beach with a different photo, keeping the young woman in the foreground.


This is a rather quick optimization; scroll down to see the original.

I just now posted the original; the third image.  It is the original non-optimized photo on the bottom for comparison purposes.

Beach Friends  Beach Friends Cropped

Below are a couple samples of a digitized photo that has restored optimized.
After hanging on a wall for about 30 years it was a difficult restoration.
Tune in again later to see other restoration examples.

Before                                                                            After


Some photos can be improved, but there are practical limitations, as below.